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Welcome to Double T

Double T  prints onto a wide range of products.

Using different methods. Garment printing using garment film with a cad-cutter. Sublimation printer and laser printer.

What is Sublimation printing?

Though the production technique is relatively simple, it’s the chemical process that separates sublimation from any other form of digital printing.  When sublimation inks are heated to 205°C, they turn into a gas and form a permanent bond to 100% polyester fabric or items that have a polymer coating. The result is a premium full-colour, photographic-quality image that will not crack, peel or wash away from the substrate.

What is CAD-Cut printing?

Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology, the chosen artwork is cut from sheets of coloured vinyl. The cutting process is controlled by computer to ensure that the print looks exactly as it does on screen. The artwork has to be in a vector format. Once the sheet has been cut the excess vinyl is picked (weeded) out by hand. The cut vinyl is then placed and heat-sealed to the garment.